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EAN Solutions, LLC was inspired by the passion and vision of Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS for the profession of Dental Hygiene. Elizabeth utilizes leadership skills gained serving as past president of the New Jersey and the Idaho Dental Hygienists' Association as well as knowledge gained being a clinical hygienist for the past 28 years to help guide and motivate dental related professionals to improve their practices.

"I love the field of Oral Health and believe that when the preventative side and the restorative side work together it is not only profitable but enjoyable to go to work everyday. Many times the front and back of a dental office are not on the same page and the vision of the practice gets lost. I have worked in many successful practices and will share my experience, skills and knowledge to calibrate your dental hygiene team into a dream team machine!" - Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS

Submit a free practice analysis today to find out how EAN Solutions, LLC can help implement models of assisted hygiene and HygieneFusion to maximize your patient retention, dentist production and revenues.

ELIZABETH NIES, RDH-EA, AS | | 208-866-4271 | Boise, Idaho


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Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | | 208-866-4271 | Boise, Idaho

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