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Assisted Hygiene

Assisted hygiene

About Assisted Hygiene

Assisted Hygiene is the ultimate in preventive care - everyone wins. The dentist wins by enjoying increased revenue. The hygienist wins because he/she no longer rushes around, working alone. The patients win because they actually receive improved oral health care.

Assisted Hygiene is nothing more than allowing the other licensed professional of the dental team the ability to spend more time providing oral health care. When implemented correctly the quality of care your patient receives is increased and the experience your patient's have is most definitely a Wow! The hygiene assistant functions for the hygienist exactly as the restorative assistant is for the dentist. The skill and knowledge that the assistant has is invaluable and therefore a must for any dental team.

If you are a Dentist, think about the following:

  • If I had to treat a patient without an assistant how much time would I waste on non-producing procedures?
  • What important parts of the patient experience would be left out?
  • Would I enjoy working by myself?

If you are a Hygienist, think about the following:

  • Having another professional on the preventative team would allow you more time to treat the patient.
  • Rarely having to stop and wait for an exam by the doctor.
  • Working smarter not harder

The assisted (not accelerated) hygiene department will not only increase revenue but will bring the Dental Hygienist to new heights professionally. Daily production is monitored, recare is booked more efficiently, and technology is used to its full potential, as the business side of dentistry is more understood.


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