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Hygiene Fusion blends sciene, communication, hygiene, business, people and technology



Can you expect results from HygieneFusion Coaching? Absolutely!

Here's what to expect:

  • More effective, efficient care delivery
  • Increased patient acceptance of proposed hygiene and restorative treatment
  • Expanding hygiene services leading to therapeutic and restorative case acceptance
  • Greater patient retention
  • Rapid and extraordinary return on investment for the doctor, and
  • Motivated and energized dental hygiene clinicians

Restorative and hygiene clinical excellence which is supported by:

  • Improved case presentation
  • Improved statistical tracking & monitoring
  • Bonus system implementation
  • Improved communication with patients and team
  • Positioning for anti-microbials, lasers & advanced diagnostics

Increases in hygiene production through:

  • Comprehensive systemic approach to treatment planning
  • Higher case acceptance
  • Improved coding
  • Product sales
  • Analysis and evaluation of fees
  • Reductions in no shows/cancellations

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