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Hygiene Fusion blends sciene, communication, hygiene, business, people and technology


What is HygieneFusion?

HygieneFusion is a comprehensive practice consulting program specifically geared for the enhancement of the dental hygiene department and the dental hygienists.
HygieneFusion fuses together: Technology, People/Relationships, Business, Clinical, Science, Communication, Innovation and Quality Coaching, creating A Unique One-of-a-Kind Program.
Dental hygiene is the lifeblood of any successful dental practice. It is not an isolated, stand-alone entity. The synergy created with HygieneFusion consultants and your practice, coupled with advanced diagnostics and enhanced verbal and communication skills, harnesses the power of the dental hygiene department for the betterment of the entire practice, leading to more new patients and higher restorative and hygiene production.
HygieneFusion is a success, goals and results oriented program supported with practice accountability monitors, statistical tracking and analysis. Our certified consultants are all experienced dental hygienists, who coach peer-to-peer chair-side, building a positive, supportive and mentoring experience. All coaching components are supported with practice accountability monitors, statistical tracking and analysis.
HygieneFusion's consultants coach in office with doctor, team and chair-side with a practice's existing hygienists. All of these combined creates a positive and supportive mentoring experience.
HygieneFusion is different from other practice management coaches or systems. HygieneFusion consultants are dental hygienists who know and love dental hygiene and business. They understand dental hygiene and they understand the practice owner's need to have a hygiene department that can stand on its own financially, as well as support the entire practice's bottom line.
HygieneFusion's goals and objectives are determined after a comprehensive practice assessment and evaluation and matching with the practice's vision. Recommendations and consulting are tailored and personalized to the practice vision, needs and desires.


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