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Career Corner: Meet Elizabeth Nies
Dentistry IQ | October 10, 2012
Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS has been a clinical hygienist for 28 years. As evidence of her commitment and passion to her profession, Liz is a past president of the New Jersey and the Idaho Dental Hygiene Associations.

My Most Teachable Moment
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | Hygiene Product Shopper | March 13, 2012
When I started practicing with my own hygiene assistant, I realized how annoying it was having someone stand by the treatment room door trying to rush you along. We all do it, waiting for the doctor's exam is one of the most tortuous things in our day...

Controlling Periodontal Disease: The hygienist's take on OraPharma's ARESTIN
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | Dental Products Report | March 2012
Periodontal therapy is just as rewarding for me as it is for my patients. I consider it an honor that they trust me to help bring their mouths from a diseased state to a healthy one...

Becoming "unstuck" through assisted hygiene
Author: Lynne H. Slim, RDH, BSDH, MSDH | RDH Magazine | January 2012
Liz has been working the assisted hygiene model in private practice since 2004. She created and implemented it at Bridgetower Dental in Meridian. Dr. Tom Cox had the foresight to envision a more efficient hygiene department, and with his support the assisted hygiene model has been a perfect fit for this particular general dental practice. I talked with Liz and asked her to clarify some of the unique features of this practice model...

A One Woman Show
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | DH&T Journal | November 2011
The art of saying 'yes' and 'and' allows a story to continue with everyone participating, says US hygienist
Liz Nies – it's improvisation with every appointment...

"Yes" and "and": Improvisation with every appointment
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | RDH Magazine | May 2011
I always wanted to be an actress, and I became one while learning the lesson of "yes" and "and" improvisation...

Assisted Hygiene: Boldly Going Where So Few Are Willing to Go
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | RDH Magazine | August 2007
Recently I attended a membership meeting that the American Dental Hygienists’ Association presented to our constituent society. I was pleasantly surprised to hear of the new direction ADHA is taking. I am very fortunate to be employed as a hygienist in an office where I have an assistant and head up the hygiene department. Let me explain...

Just Like Rosa Parks
Dentistry IQ | April 1, 2006
Most of us are familiar with Rosa Parks. Many years ago, Rosa was asked to give up her seat on a bus for a white man and she refused to do so. The white bus driver warned her that she would be arrested if she did not comply. She dug in her heels and replied, "You may go on and do so." Rosa Parks did not get on the bus to be arrested; she got on the bus to go home...

Dental Product Shopper
Postings on Oral Hygiene Materials: For Your Patients
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | June 2, 2010

Towards Prevention and Minimally Invasive Treatment
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | April 28, 2010

Contemporary Product Solutions
My ZEN Conversion: Just a piese of Heaven! (Page 21 and 25)
Author: Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | November/December 2011

Contemporary Product Solutions - Elizabeth Nies is a member of the CPS Evaluation Editorial Team
Idaho Dental Hygienists' Association - Elizabeth holds several important roles with IDHA



Received scholarship to attend "Unleashing your Potential Weekend" through ADHA


Professional Achievement Award from Idaho Dental Hygienists' Association


Francis Fluer Award New Jersey from Dental Hygienists' Association

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