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Maria Baker
MB Dental Consulting and Practice Management: Los Angeles
Before launching my own dental consulting and advisory business, I put in my time as a practice manager for a number of very successful practices. During those years I had the opportunity to work with a variety of “hygiene consulting firms”. I have completed several training programs and immersed myself and my teams into each programs philosophy 100%. We had some static results and some exceptional results both with respect to patient care and hygiene production, rarely the two in unison. Then I was introduced to Liz and Hygiene Fusion. That introduction changed my perception of dental hygiene consulting. Now a consultant myself I understand the importance of surrounding myself with exceptional people who share my same philosophy and the philosophy of the practice. This alignment of philosophy is a recipe for success.

Hygiene Fusion and Liz bring a real time expertise to the hygiene department. The communication style is easily grasped by both hygienists and support staff. Team involvement is encouraged and I believe crucial to the success of the program.

The incorporation of technology into the hygiene department creates an environment where effectiveness and efficiency thrive. Patient education and “ownership” result in increased case acceptance.

If you are looking for a hygiene program that empowers your staff and is patient care centered this is the one for you. The byproducts of increased restorative care, fewer openings in the hygiene schedule, educated patients and increased production are icing on the cake.

I highly recommend Liz and Hygiene Fusion.

Amber Eckert Lucas, RDH
Bakersfield, California
I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance with the Hygiene Fusion Program. I personally feel that the concepts and ideas that you have taught me have made me a better hygienist. Your guidance has been a bridge with the incorporation of new technology which results in better care of my patients. Thank you for all the pep talks and encouragement along the way.

ELIZABETH NIES, RDH-EA, AS | | 208-866-4271 | Boise, Idaho


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Elizabeth Nies, RDH-EA, AS | | 208-866-4271 | Boise, Idaho

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